Archived Webinar Recordings: 2016 - 2024

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  • Briefing on the Field Ramifications of the DOJ/MLS Lawsuit (NOT AVAILABLE)

    Due to the quickly evolving nature of the topic, the recording of the March webinar will not be posted online. As the DOJ/MLS lawsuits and corresponding settlements progress, the information contained within this webinar may become outdated or inaccurate.

    For the most up-to-date and relevant information, please visit the following resources:

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  • Master Your "Style" on ChatGPT and Give Yourself a Raise (2/20/2024)

    Elevate your marketing and your client presentations using ChatGPT. Learn to create your personal "style" and use it to promote yourself and consult clients on a new level! Create talking points for clients prior to buyer consultations and listing appointments. Write winning property descriptions and promotion pieces (including self-promotion!) using the styles you love. Produce visuals to reimagine listings and position them to reach more buyers.

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  • The Real Estate Broker's Essential Tech Buying Guide (1/16/2024)

    It can be pretty intimidating to figure out what technology solutions you should choose to run your business. Let Craig Grant be your personal technology shopping assistant and help you choose the best hardware (computers, phones, tablets, cameras, accessories, etc.), software (CRMs, forms and contract management, cloud storage, etc.), apps and more to improve your real estate business.

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  • Top Trends in Real Estate (12/6/2023)

    Buyers and sellers have changed what they want in a home, how they use their home, and how they search for a new home. Meanwhile, their relationship to the agent is evolving as well. Learn about the current state and future outlook of the housing market from one of the industry's leading researchers, Dr. Jessica Lautz.

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  • Four Weeks to a Six-Figure Pipeline (10/18/2023)

    It’s a new world out there, new market, new economy, big changes but massive opportunities too!  Do you have a strategy to survive and thrive? We want to set you up with an incredible opportunity to start your year off strong by adding $100,000 in new business to your pipeline quickly!  It’s nothing new for us. With 25 years’ experience, we know what you need to do.  And it’s surprisingly simple.

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  • Four Weeks to a Six-Figure Pipeline BONUS HANDOUT 1 (10/18/2023)

    Top 10 Ways to Get Noticed in Today's Market.  Bonus PDF handout associated with the webinar "Four Weeks to a Six-Figure Pipeline (10/18/2023)" with Debbie Lattuga.

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