Archived Webinar Recordings: 2016 - 2023

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  • Pricing The Oddball: Why Relevant Characteristics Matter (3/28/2023)

    Unusual homes can pose a challenge when it comes to pricing. This is especially true considering most agents learn how to price “typical” homes in their markets. In this complimentary webinar for CRB and SRS designees, we’ll examine these “oddballs” and price with confidence. You’ll learn how to identify relevant characteristics when pricing oddball properties, identify potential comparables, and how to use cost and market approaches to estimate functional and physical depreciation. Presenter: Melanie McLane

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  • Boosting Profits in a Changing Market (2/7/2023)

    In this complimentary webinar recording for CRB and SRS designees, you’ll learn how to run your business in a changing market successfully. Learn how to differentiate between market fact and fiction by examining national housing data and the external factors that move the market from one stage to another. You’ll also get strategies to help your business thrive in periods of economic uncertainty by looking at income and expense forecasts and identifying areas where expenses can be reduced. Presenter: Greg Glosson

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  • Goals Make Good Things Happen! PDF HANDOUT (1/17/2023)

    PDF handout associated with the webinar, "Goals Make Good Things Happen! (1/17/2023)" with Robert Morris, Jr.

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  • Goals Make Good Things Happen! (1/17/2023)

    Set the tone for your business goals with this complimentary webinar recording for CRB and SRS designees, "Goals Make Good Things Happen!" Goal setting is not just important to our business but also essential in our personal lives. You'll examine the different types of goals, identify the elements of effective goals, and review the steps necessary to set them properly. You'll also learn the difference between setting tasks and goals, which are commonly confused. Presenter: Robert Morris, Jr.

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  • The Pandemic Effect on Business — Where Do We Go From Here (12/22/2022)

    The pandemic has been a mixed bag of challenges as well as opportunities. "Business as usual" is now "business unusual," while brokers and agents continue to piece together what "normal" should look like when it comes to how they do business and where the market stands today. In this complimentary webinar recording for CRB and SRS designees, you will review the business lessons learned and how those lessons will position you for today and the future. Presenter: Adorna O. Carroll, DSA

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  • Spanish Webinar: Valuing Properties Like an Expert (11/3/2022)
    ¿Hablas español? Our “Valuing Properties Like an Expert,” webinar recording is delivered entirely in Spanish. This webinar will help increase your confidence in analyzing property values, no matter what side of the transaction your clients are on. Presenter Gonzalo Mejia will walk you through selecting the right comparables and adjusting pricing according to market conditions. By the end of this webinar, you’ll be able to prepare and present a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) that leaves your clients asking, “¿¡Dónde firmo!?” Presenter: Gonzalo Mejia
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