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  • REB Magazine - 2022 November/December Issue
    JoAnne Poole: A Mentor by Example. The Market is Shifting Dramatically - Are You?. Technology: 19 Podcasts Making Your Peers More Successful. Listing Strategies: Staging - What's In and What's Out. Sales Strategies: How to Eliminate Time Wasters for Good.
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  • REB Magazine - 2022 September/October Issue
    Doing Your Part - Civility & Respect in Real Estate. 10 Ways to Ratchet Back Stress. Coaching Made Easier. Listing Strategies: When Closings Get Messy. Sales Strategies: Filling the Holes in Your Leaky Bucket.
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  • REB Magazine - 2022 July/August Issue
    Who Coaches and Mentors the Mentors and Coaches?. 6 Ways to Keep Your Team from Bleeding Profit. Recruiting: 8 Steps to Reach Your Diversity Goals. Technology: Why Agents Are Jumping on TikTok. Sales Strategies: John’s Favorite Sales Meetings - Time for a Tune-Up?
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