Partner | Online | WEB3 Bootcamp: Building Your Business with Crypto, Blockchain and NFTs


REBI Partner Special Offer | SRS Elective Credit Course

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Are you excited to learn about cryptocurrency, blockchain, the metaverse, NFTS and their impact on real estate? This 5 hour on demand course will unpack basic cryptocurrency concepts, advance your understanding of how blockchain technology is impacting real estate and empower you to provide effective consultation to your clients, peers and industry partners. By the end of this program, you will learn how to serve your clients and build new business in this WEB3 world.

  • Does the buzz on cryptocurrency and real estate have you confused?
  • Are you struggling to understand Bitcoin, crypto, and blockchain and why you need to know how this will impact your business?
  • Are you wondering how to add new income opportunities in WEB3?
  • Have you acquired a resource to help you keep up with the fast-changing WEB3 market?
  • Do you understand how and where to begin integrating WEB3 into your real estate business?
  • Do you know how to find crypto real estate clients?
  • Do you know the future holds, at least in part, real estate transactions using crypto but aren’t sure exactly how?

This course provides the insight, tools, and resources required to address the above challenges and more.   On demand interactive course where you will learn:

  • How to serve your clients and build new business in this WEB3 world
  • Definitions, real-life examples, and evaluation of how other industries are changing
  • The State of the Industry - where have we been, where are we now and where are we going with Web 3.0 becoming standardized
  • Where to learn more about legislation and local market updates
  • Buyer representation utilizing these new technologies
  • Seller representation and how to help clients understand if crypto, blockchain, NFTs or a combination is the right path
  • DeFi opportunities with cryptocurrency to make transactions more efficient and capital more readily available
  • The Metaverse - what is it and how to profit from digital real estate
  • NFTs and their impact on our industry with specific use case
  • How to evaluate products, services, and projects

REBI has partnered with Hiveologie to offer this SRS Elective Credit course.  Learn more about them by clicking below.

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